EU Mental Health Strategy: give it more ambition


EU Mental Health Strategy: give it more ambition

The urgency to act across the EU for the Mental Health of our citizens is evident. Just look at the figures: 

3 young Europeans take their own lives in the EU every single day.  More than 150 million Europeans live with mental health conditions.  

What can the EU do to help improve the well-being of our citizens? 

MEPs Maria Walsh, Tomislav Sokol, Tomáš Zdechovský and Dennis Radtke’s first reaction to the European Commission’s Mental Health Strategy is blunt: 

The first step goes in the right direction but we need to give it more ambition. 

“I want every EU Minister dedicated to mental health to sit down and actually figure this out”, urges Walsh, “because it’s our future generations that are at risk of continued death by suicide.” 

For Sokol, it’s about time to work together to destigmatise mental illness, improve access to quality care and ensure that Europeans receive the support they need.

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