On 23-26 May, you decide! You decide on the kind of Europe you want and on the person you want to lead Europe over the next 5 years. Together with our Chairman Manfred Weber, we stand for a united Europe in which every individual is able to realise their full potential. A fairer, more competitive and democratic Europe where people travel, work, do business, invest, learn from each other, buy, sell, collaborate and team up. A self-assured Europe that recognises its unique history and heritage and defends its way of life. A strong Europe that is ready to punch above its weight globally.

Our Achievements

Our Commitments

A fair deal for Europe

The global economy has brought new challenges to the European societal model: competition based on low social and environmental standards in third...

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Strengthening cohesion policy for a strong Europe

Cohesion policy is the most important investment vehicle of growth in the European Union. For the EPP...

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Combating disinformation and proliferation of hybrid wars

The security environment surrounding the EU remains very volatile. With the emergence of...

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