Rule of Law Framework Opinion on Poland: a Regrettable but Necessary Step

01.06.2016 11:47

Rule of Law Framework Opinion on Poland: a Regrettable but Necessary Step

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Viviane Reding commented the regrettable but necessary adoption of the first ever Rule of Law Framework Opinion: “As the Polish government continues its authoritarian drift, the Guardian of the European Treaties takes its responsibility. This is neither good news for the Polish people nor for Europe, but it is a necessary next step. I can only hope that this opinion will reinvigorate the constructive dialogue.”

The muzzling of the media and the Constitutional Tribunal have provoked international and domestic outcries. But those numerous voices did not suffice to convince the Polish government to respect the constitutional checks and balances. Neither the unequivocal red cards by the Constitutional Tribunal itself and the Venice Commission, nor the European Parliament's concerned Resolution of last April, and not even the Polish people itself taking to the streets in their tens of thousands.

Following an intensive dialogue with the Polish authorities and a thorough assessment of the situation since mid-January, the European Commission adopted today its warning opinion, the first-ever under the Rule of Law Framework. Viviane Reding commented: “It is the confirmation of what I warn against since January: there is a systemic threat to the Rule of Law in Poland. This opinion should not be taken lightly! The European Union must stand firm by its indivisible values and in condemning those who seek to unravel them. Their respect is our strength and the harness of our unity. Their undoing would be our collective downfall. Europe must not let this happen.”

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