End of roaming: the EU keeps its promise!

21.09.2016 13:01

End of roaming: the EU keeps its promise!

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Today the European Commission presented its revised proposal for the roaming fair-use policy. Viviane Reding, Member of the European Parliament, welcomes the revised Implementing Regulation. As of June 2017, roaming charges will be fully eliminated in the whole EU.

In a joint letter dated 16 September 2016 to President Juncker, Viviane Reding and Paul Rübig MEPs called upon the European Commission to eliminate the maximum time limits of 90 days, and instead provide for residency requirements to combat abuses.

Viviane Reding declared: “Today the European Commission delivers and keeps a long-standing promise to end roaming surcharges within the European Union. 10 years of tireless fighting, which finally pay off!”

She added: “We can now concentrate our energy on tackling abusive fees charged for intra-EU phone-calls and SMS, from your home country to another.”

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