Foreign Interference & disinformation (mandate ended)

Fight against interference and disinformation

Fake news and propaganda campaigns can destabilise European democracy. Disinformation campaigns are a threat to the security of all EU Member States.

The EPP Group believes that the EU must strengthen its own capacities to detect, expose and fight disinformation. This costs money and appropriate human resources, and also requires better coordination and cooperation within the EU and beyond.

The Special Committee on Foreign Interference and Disinformation has many goals and tasks. The Committee will analyse investigations that show that crucial electoral rules were breached or circumvented, and it will want to shed light on campaign financing.

The Committee will focus on coordinated action at EU level for tackling hybrid threats, including cyber-attacks on military and non-military targets, hack-and-leak operations targeting lawmakers, public officials, journalists, political parties and candidates, as well as cyber espionage for the purpose of corporate intellectual property theft and the theft of sensitive citizens’ data.

It is vital to step up our precautionary fight against foreign interference and fake news because our democracy depends on people making informed decisions. The EPP Group will be eager to play an active role in facilitating this, as it already has done in the past.


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