Beating Cancer (mandate ended)

We can beat cancer together

Cancer kills about 9 million people a year in the world. In the European Union alone, 1.3 million people die of cancer every year and 3.5 million new cases are diagnosed.

While a majority of responsibilities for health remains within the Member States, the EU can and must play its part. Cancer is not just a national problem therefore the solution cannot be national either. That is why, under the EPP Group's leadership, the European Parliament set up a special Committee to see what Europe can do to help Europeans fight and beat cancer.

There are four main areas the Cancer Committee's work is based on: prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and care. Those areas represent the strategic approach the EU has taken in order to beat cancer. Knowing that 40% of all cancer cases are preventable means we can work towards the goal of preventing them and securing a better and healthier life for many Europeans.


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