Putting EU policies on the same track, for people and planet

Saving people and the planet means better coordinating EU global actions. But how can we keep those policies in sync?   

The tool is called Policy Coherence for Development, or #PCD.   

MEP Janina Ochojska, who has seen the downside of EU policies in developing countries, is spearheading legislation in the European Parliament to address any contradictions.  

“We can drink our coffee each morning thanks to the promotion of PCD and EU law coordination. That means that only coffee that doesn’t have an impact on deforestation can be imported into the EU,” she explains.   

Her report on PCD aims to improve our internal procedures so that Europe's policies are coherent and that they help our partners in developing countries instead of harming them.   

Watch an example of PCD in action with Ochojska, Hildegard Bentele and Christophe Hansen.  

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