EPP Group sets high standards to protect posted workers and companies

29.05.2018 10:44

EPP Group sets high standards to protect posted workers and companies

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“After 27 months, we have finally done it! This revised Directive will help to improve the conditions of workers while ensuring fairer competition between European companies that will have to compete on their skills and not on the lowest bid in social terms”, explained Elisabeth Morin-Chartier MEP, co-Rapporteur, following the adoption of the final agreement reached on the revision of the 1996 Posting of Workers Directive.

This new text proposes, among other points, to set up a 12-month limit for posting missions with the possibility of a 6-month extension, and establishes that posted workers should benefit from the same rules on remuneration as workers in the host Member State, including bonuses. Other fees related to accommodation or transport cannot be deducted from the remuneration and posted workers will be protected from day one.

“Finding a job is a key priority for Europeans and through this revision, we set up a wide range of best conditions to boost the labour market and offer decent salaries and clearer rights. It is another crucial step to ensure the well-being of Europeans and businesses, which is at the core of the EPP Group's interests”, said Morin-Chartier and David Casa, the EPP Group Spokesman in the Employment Committee.

Fighting fraud was also a top priority for the EPP Group. In that sense, the revision will ensure that workers are protected by Member States through relevant legislation and collective agreements, even in cases of fraudulent postings (e.g. by letterbox companies).

Businesses genuinely sending posted workers will also be better protected if, unintentionally, they have not provided the correct overall level of remuneration because a Member State has not properly listed the applicable elements to be applied to the posted worker on the official website.

“I am pleased with today’s result which will benefit our citizens. Through our Rapporteur, the EPP as a Group has ensured that the focus remains on the rights of workers and the strengthening of the internal market through fairer rules in cross-border activity”, said David Casa.

"It is crucial for Europe's future that the European Union does not get divided between East and West. I am therefore all the more happy that a compromise was reached on such a sensitive topic. With today's vote, a long process of negotiations has come to an end. The European Union is proving that it is able to act", concluded Manfred Weber MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group.

Member States will have to transpose the revised Directive in the two years following its adoption.

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The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 219 Members from 28 Member States

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