No greening without new genomic techniques

05.07.2023 9:52

No greening without new genomic techniques

Group of scientists in protective suit, conducts experiments on a plants on a farm, taking notes

Europe urgently needs new innovative solutions to produce more food. The EPP Group stands behind the green transition of Europe's economy, but this cannot be done with the old tools. The EU needs new practical solutions that serve both European food security and the environment.

"The situation is clear: we need to produce more food in Europe. We strongly disagree with the Greens in the European Parliament, who want to sabotage the new law, hindering food production in Europe. It is time for other political Groups to give up their out-dated resistance to innovation and technological progress. We need new technologies to secure sustainable food production", stressed Jessica Polfjärd MEP, welcoming the anticipated biodiversity and food package from the European Commission.

"The EPP Group has been asking the Commission for a long time to deliver a proposal for new genomic techniques, so we are pleased to finally see this action", said Herbert Dorfmann MEP, EPP Group Spokesman in the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee. "Europe has dragged its feet for too long, sticking to an old Regulation that prohibits the development of the new low-risk technology in plant breeding."

"To achieve the goals of the Farm to Fork Strategy, including the reduction of pesticides, farmers need new tools. The Regulation of new genomic techniques is essential. We urgently need legislative clarity for research and innovations for plants that are more nutritious, can better adapt to changing climate conditions and are more resilient against pests and diseases", underlined Dorfmann.

"Our work does not stop here. If done right, this proposal will ensure European competitiveness, lower emissions and more food globally. Everybody should be able to support those objectives", Polfjärd concluded.

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