We need a clear plan for the future of European industry

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Today, the European Commission presented the update of the EU Industrial Strategy, which has already been postponed twice.

"We are happy that this update of the Industrial Strategy is finally here, because we need a clear plan now on how our industry is going to recover and manage the green and digital transitions at the same time”, said Christian Ehler MEP, the EPP Group's Spokesman in the European Parliament's Industry Committee.

The EPP Group wants the EU to start a discussion in earnest on how we will foster Europe's industrial competitiveness through a renewed industrial policy.

“Unfortunately, the strategy presented today leaves much to be desired. It has not matured enough. It is true that initial analyses have been made and the first steps setting out plans for specific ecosystems and sectors have been taken. But there should have been much more planning. The 7-year EU budget programmes have started, but we still don't have clear plans upon which we can structure our spending", said Ehler.

As an example, Ehler gave the lack of coordination between the EU's Research Programme and the overall policy for individual industry sectors. "To mention one example, we have created a cluster in Horizon Europe for the cultural and creative industries, but we still do not have a clear vision for this sector because we lack a coherent policy for it. We will continue working with the European Commission to improve this in the coming months", said Ehler.

“Having said that, we welcome the continued ecosystems approach and we are happy to see additional ambition on industrial alliances. The strategy also sets out a balanced and informed approach to international collaboration which we will follow carefully as it requires policy responses on a case-by-case basis. This is good and important progress, which we welcome. The strategy also pays attention to the particular position of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in our industry, which is crucial for Europe's recovery”, Ehler concluded.

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