More and more support for EPP Group's rejection of combustion engine ban

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The EPP Group calls on EU Member States to vote against the planned ban on cars with combustion engines and welcomes that more and more Socialist and Liberal governments are now joining the EPP Group's opposition to the ban.

"It is positive that the vote will not take place next week. All those who have only realised now that they support the EPP Group position against this ban at the last minute before a planned vote in the Council, have our full support. The EPP Group has consistently voted against such a ban and calls on the Member States to do the same. The ban will prevent innovation and cost thousands of jobs and will lead to the decline of a core European industry", said Jens Gieseke MEP, EPP Group lead negotiator on the planned Regulation.

"In the course of the negotiations, we had proposed a crediting scheme for e-fuels. This is exactly what is missing in this legislation. We are in favour of an ambitious reduction of CO2 in transport, but we need to uphold technological neutrality and do not need a complete ban on combustion engines. The world will continue to drive combustion engine cars. It should be our task to make them as CO2 efficient as possible, not to forbid them. E-fuels can help with this", Gieseke stressed.

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