The EPP Group Chairman Joseph Daul has reiterated his support for Jean-Claude Juncker, who was forced to present the resignation of his government following a debate in the Chamber of Deputies on the activities of the Luxembourg Secret Services.

“Jean-Claude Juncker has got my full support and trust for the upcoming national and European elections”, said Daul.

“A fervent architect of European construction, an obstinate worker of the European cause, Jean-Claude Juncker is and will remain one the pillars of the EPP political family”, said Joseph Daul.

“I welcome his actions as Head of the Luxembourg Government and leader of the Eurogroup, which he conducted masterfully from the very first hours of the single currency, but also during the darker times of the Euro crisis.”

“Without ever losing his legendary sense of humour, Jean-Claude Juncker put his negotiating skills and his diplomatic sense at the service of a determined action for more European integration. A great European, he also did a lot to put Luxembourg firmly on the map of Europe.”

Jean-Claude Juncker will always be an asset for the EPP political family. I am convinced that together, we will continue advancing the European cause”, concluded Joseph Daul.


The EPP Group is by far the largest political group in the European Parliament with 275 Members from 27 Member States.

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