It is Europe’s duty to safeguard food production

seeds dropping from the hand on the soil

“We need to increase our European autonomy in food production”, underlined Herbert Dorfmann MEP, the EPP Group Spokesman in the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, as the Parliament today discusses global food security due to the Russian war in Ukraine.

“We have managed to take important steps in safeguarding parts of the food transports from Ukraine, but more must be done. Where we are still dragging our feet is the future of our own food production. Rising costs for energy and fertilisers are threatening our food production in the short-term. This is why we have called on the Commission to prepare a new strategy”, explained Dorfmann.

“In the longer term, the threat is the law proposals which would cut European food production and increase farmers’ costs. The EPP Group will push back on certain proposals that are harmful to our consumers and businesses. In the area of agriculture, these are the law proposals for nature restoration and the reduction of plant protection products”, said Dorfmann.

“The EPP Group supports sustainable production but that mustn’t mean cutting food production”, he underlined. “Maintaining food production in Europe is not only in farmers’ interest, but also in the consumers’ interest.”

“The Russian war and violence have already threatened global food security and caused more malnutrition. It is our European duty in this situation to safeguard food production, the functioning of the global food markets and to fight against protectionism. We need to do our best at home to grow more food and to guarantee our food security”, concluded Dorfmann.

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