Invest in production of sustainable aviation fuels ‘made in Europe’

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The EPP Group calls for ramping up the market for sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) in Europe to reduce CO2 emissions coming from air transport.

Since SAFs can be up to ten times more expensive than jet kerosene now used for planes, we must invest much more in the deployment and production of sustainable aviation fuels ‘made in Europe’, to push down costs”, said Claudia Monteiro de Aguiar MEP, who negotiated the so-called ReFuelEU Aviation Initiative on behalf of the EPP Group.

The European Parliament will vote today on a law proposal aiming to increase the use of sustainable fuels, known as the ReFuelEU Aviation Initiative. The proposed rules oblige fuel suppliers to increase the share of SAFs supplied to EU airports. In order to have more options of sustainable fuels for aircrafts, the definition of sustainable aviation fuel would cover synthetic fuels or certain biofuels, with an exception for feed and food crop-based fuels, including those derived from palm oil.

“We want European planes to use the greenest and most sustainable fuels to help the EU become climate neutral by 2050, but I underline that we must work on a realistic base. European planes should fly with SAFs made in Europe and this must be affordable and achievable for all Member States. The unprovoked Russian aggression in Ukraine has taught us a lesson and we must do everything possible to avoid another fuel dependency”, stressed Monteiro de Aguiar.

After today’s vote on Parliament’s position, negotiations will start with Member States on the final shape of the legislation.

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