Even Uncle Google has to play fair

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The EPP Group has welcomed the realignment of the proceedings against Google by the European Commission.

“Google has a very dominant position on the market. We fully support the European Commission in its investigation into Google's position and its business conduct. Europe must also show its teeth against US giant groups. EU law applies to all of them and must be respected. It is in the interest of consumers and of competition. Internet is not the Wild West - there are rules on the web that must also be respected”, said Manfred Weber MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament.

EPP Group Spokesman on the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection, Andreas Schwab MEP, added: “This decision is a clear sign that the European Union defends the principles of the social market economy and fair competition in Europe. In the context of the digital single market, European competition law needs to be used to establish an open market with equal opportunities for all.”

Schwab concluded: “The European Commission must now ensure with further legislative proposals that Europe becomes an interesting location for digital services.”

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