European borders mustn't hinder job search


“The free movement of workers is essential for Europe's way out of the economic crisis. This is why the facilitation of work mobility and cross-border services should be of the greatest priority for every EU policymaker in this field”, said Radan Kanev MEP.

“Many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic; we should go all out to make sure every European vacancy is filled as soon as possible. European borders should not form an obstacle in people’s job search. We need to match the labour market with job seekers as best we can. Intra-EU posting can, on the one hand, decrease unemployment rates in Member States confronted with an economic shock and can increase household incomes and even labour tax revenues on the other", explained Kanev.

Today, the European Parliament's Committee on Employment and Social Affairs votes on a Report that proposes measures to facilitate the free movement of workers and services inside the EU.

“To ensure fair job prospects for the people of Europe, regardless of national borders, we need to make certain that all Member States respect existing labour market laws and enforce them where needed. The European Labour Authority can play a key role in achieving this by working together with the Member States”, stressed Kanev.

“The pandemic has shed light on a number of problems related to labour mobility. Keeping in mind the hardship endured by many workers due to COVID-19, we should guarantee fair working conditions for mobile workers and prevent unnecessary red tape for service providers, freelancers and SMEs operating in more than one Member State”, he concluded.


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