EPP Group creates “breathing space” while upholding climate protection

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"For Europe’s green transition to work in practice, the Green Deal must become a success story for citizens and companies. We worked hard to make sure it brings innovation, security, strengthens competitiveness and creates European jobs. The EPP greatly improved this part of the Fit for 55 package", said Peter Liese MEP, as EU Member States will vote on the so called "Fit for 55" law package today.

"The 'Fit for 55' law package is the biggest climate protection law of all time. With the overhauled CO2 Emission Trading System alone, we will save 25 times as much CO2 by 2030 as with the controversial regulation of cars which bans  the combustion engine", said Liese, who is the EPP Group’s Spokesman in the European Parliament’s Environment Committee.

"Anyone who has a good idea that saves CO2, or brings corresponding products to the market, will benefit. We cannot and should not decide all the details in Brussels, but rather set no limits to the creativity of the 440 million Europeans. The EPP ensured that the new rules will incentivise this and give included sectors the right opportunities. We need to decarbonise industry but not deindustrialise Europe", Liese continued.

"For example, thanks to the EPP Group, a company that decarbonises, for example by using heat pumps or solar panels, will be rewarded additional free carbon emission rights to cover their investment costs. On the other hand, companies that make zero or little effort to decarbonise will be forced to pay a higher bill in the next years", explained Liese. .

"We pushed for fair conditions for European companies when they compete globally. We do not only want a Green Deal, but we also fight for a strengthened, strategic European industry policy. This must go hand-in-hand. Only in that case, the obligation to decarbonise will also create opportunities and make Europe a pioneer in innovative technologies and products", said Liese.

"For the EPP Group, it was very important to create breathing space for citizens and companies in the difficult times of high energy prices. We pushed for important changes to the price of CO2 emissions until after 2026. Until then, we want to give citizens and companies time to adapt. Only after 2026, will the ambition be higher. This is possible because until 2026, we will focus on investing more in energy efficiency and renewable energy, which is necessary to get rid of Russian fossil fuels, cut energy bills and fight climate change", explained Liese.

Tomorrow (Thursday), the Parliament’s Environment Committee is scheduled to approve the five laws of the “Fit for 55” package, which had been agreed by the Parliament and the Member States last December. The compromises will be supported by all major parliamentary Groups.

“We also made sure that the revenues generated through Emissions Trading will get to where they are needed. We will boost sustainable innovation through an increased Innovation Fund. Member States are now forced to spend all their revenues on climate protection, jobs or social climate measures. Most importantly, those who struggle to make the transition, especially those at risk of energy or transport poverty, will get help through an increased Social Climate Fund”, Liese emphasized.

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