Better conditions for animals in transport


The EPP Group demands better conditions and control for live animal transport. “The work of the Protection of Animals during Transport Inquiry Committee has shown that current legislation is not properly put into practice and we need improvements for better animal welfare”, said the EPP Group’s Daniel Buda MEP, parliament's negotiator of the committee’s final report.

“One of the sad problems is animals suffering from extreme high or low temperatures during transport. We are firmly in favour of ensuring the right conditions for animal welfare concerning the transport temperatures. Special attention needs to be given to the transport of vulnerable animals. Farmers have to be helped to be able to ensure the right conditions”, he said.

“Improving the quality of transport vehicles is a key factor. Also, better monitoring of the transport and using the expertise of veterinarians is crucial to achieve better conditions for animals. This is especially important for transporting animals beyond the EU borders. There, we also need fast-lane solutions for borders and monitoring up until the final destination”, Buda emphasised.

“We need better support for local slaughterhouses, which would shorten the transport distances and benefit the farmers. Also, in many regions, shortening the transport times cannot be done and thus the rules cannot be followed without improvements of infrastructure”, Buda recalled.

“The well-being of animals in transport is a mutual interest for farmers, consumers and the whole food-chain alike. Forbidding live animal transportation in Europe would mean the shutdown of a good part of small and medium-sized farms and would benefit the importers only”, Buda concluded.

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