23.05.2018 15:30
23.05.2018 18:30

Externalities: a win-win situation in cohesion policy

Room A3E-2, European Parliament, Brussels

Future of Cohesion policy 2014-2020- Key achievements

Cohesion policy is the most important investment vehicle of growth of the European Union. The EPP Group will hold a public hearing 'Externalities: a win-win situation in cohesion policy' on Wednesday 23 May at 15.30-18.30 hrs in the European Parliament, Brussels. Externalities are indirect benefits which Member States get from cohesion policy. This refers especially to the EU-15 and even more so to the net contributor countries, where the benefits in question are indirect and often not very easy to see. The hearing, with high-level guests and experts from the European Commission and various levels of government, aims to improve this perception.