Your guide to upcoming EPP Group events along with details of what happened at our recent events. Use our EPP Group calendar to find out what’s happening where and when, and to sign up if you’re looking to attend.

COVID-19 Therapeutics - Game changers for Europe’s recovery?

When the World Health Organization declared a COVID-19 global pandemic in March 2020,...

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Towards a European Care Strategy

COVID-19 has highlighted the essential nature of care in our society and the need for a robust and future-proofed strategy at EU...

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Sharing is caring. Real life stories in fighting breast cancer

No one should fight breast cancer alone. Although each experience may be completely...

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Manfred Weber Talks

Tune in on Wednesday, 2 June, to hear our guests, President of Romania Klaus Iohannis and EPP Group Vice-Chair Siegfreid Mureşan, ...

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EPP Group 1st Essay Competition for Graduates

The annual “Open Days”, when the European Institutions open their doors to the public to celebrate 'Europe day' on ...

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Women and girls in STEM

Women make up 52% of the European population, yet only account for 2 out of 5 scientists and engineers. To solve the challenges of...

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Tune in on Thursday at 19:15 CET to our Instagram account and join our talk with MEP Mr. Tomas Tobé on #Movember. Have you heard about it? The colour blue ...

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Cups for Cancer

October is turning pink to raise awareness of #breastcancer! Despite the progress that has been made, this is still the most common type...

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