EPP Group secures faster permitting procedures for renewables

14.12.2022 14:47

EPP Group secures faster permitting procedures for renewables


The European Parliament voted today for faster approval periods for renewable energies. Markus Pieper MEP, the European Parliament’s lead negotiator for this law, stated: "Today we set course for faster approval procedures for renewable energies. Until the European climate targets are achieved, new installations can now be 'in overriding public interest'. Member States shall designate special 'acceleration areas' where shorter approval periods apply in principle. If deadlines for approvals in these areas are exceeded, installations should automatically be approved - this is the ‘principle of positive silence’. This will increase the awareness urgently needed in some Member States' administrations."

"In these acceleration areas, individual animals shall no longer delay or prevent important renewable projects, but the protection of the entire population of the species in question shall be considered. No individual field mouse shall any longer prevent large wind farms or solar installations as long as the population of field mice as a whole is secured. Unfortunately, other political Groups prevented a stronger provision here, but everything will still be part of the negotiations with the Member States.

“In the end, the vote today is a positive contribution to a faster energy transition. Wind, sun and water are free of charge. We need to use them. The less approval bureaucracy, the higher the share of renewable energies, which will ultimately lead to decreasing energy prices", Pieper explained.

Note to editors

The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 176 Members from all EU Member States

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