EPP Group withdraws from negotiations on nature restoration law

31.05.2023 14:53

EPP Group withdraws from negotiations on nature restoration law

Nature restoration

The EPP Group has decided to withdraw from the negotiations on the planned nature restoration law after another round of negotiations with other political Groups. "The proposal was bad in the first place and our concerns remain unanswered", said Chairman Manfred Weber MEP and the EPP Group Chief Negotiator on nature restoration, Christine Schneider MEP.

From the start, the EPP Group has raised serious concerns about the Commission proposal. Weber continued: "The nature restoration law in its current form will lead to less food production in Europe, pushing food prices even higher, risks undermining food security in Africa even more and blocking infrastructure projects that are crucial for our climate transition. This is simply not acceptable for us. We cannot continue as if nothing has happened to our economy since the start of the war and the excessive pressure it puts on our rural communities and our farmers. The EPP Group is in favour of nature protection and restoration, but this law is simply not good enough."

Christine Schneider MEP added: "The law was poorly drafted in the first place and is an attack on European agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Some proposals, such as the prohibition of deterioration, have already failed rural communities in Europe's Natura 2000 legislation. Why repeat the same mistakes? We have to take our farmers, foresters, fishermen and all citizens on board."

"The European Commission cannot expect the EPP to simply accept the proposal without a comprehensive impact assessment on food security, reduced farmland and the renewable energy roll-out. This is not negotiable. If the Commission is serious about nature restoration, it should come up with a new proposal as soon as possible", she concluded.

Note to editors

The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 177 Members from all EU Member States

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