EPP Group welcomes new members

18.06.2024 16:56

EPP Group welcomes new members

EPP Group meeting

Today, the EPP Group took the formal decision to welcome 14 new Members of the European Parliament into its ranks. With these new members, the EPP Group consolidates its position as by far the strongest political Group in the European Parliament.

The newly admitted MEPs are (in alphabetical order of parties):

  • BoerBurgerBeweging - BBB (Netherlands): Sander Smit, Jessika van Leeuwen
  • Familien-Partei Deutschlands (Germany): Niels Geuking
  • Liberal Alliance (Denmark): Henrik Dahl
  • Nieuw Sociaal Contract (Netherlands): Dirk Gotink                              
  • STAN - Mayors and Independents (Czech Republic): Danuše Nerudová, Jan Farský
  • Tisza (Hungary): Péter Magyar, Dóra Dávid, Zoltán Tarr, András Tivadar Kulja, Eszter Lakos, Gabriella Gerzsenyi, Kinga Kollár

With today's decision, these MEPs have joined the EPP Political Group, but their parties did not join the EPP Party. Decisions regarding Group membership and Party membership are independent of each other. MEPs from STAN (Czech Republic) and Familienpartei (Germany) were already members of the EPP Group in the past.

Note to editors

The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 189 Members from all EU Member States

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