As the biggest political force in the European Parliament, we have acted to promote jobs, growth and security in Europe. We have worked to the benefit of all Europeans to build a more ambitious and a more self-assured Europe where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed; defending a united Europe that respects subsidiarity, without contradiction among European, national and local identities.

Zero tolerance regarding violence against women

We cannot accept that women and girls are still exposed to domestic violence and other forms of gender-based...

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Fight against tax evasion

Over the last five past years, the fight against tax evasion made headlines as a result of the revelations of repeated leaks and related...

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No more unequal pensions for men and women

Today, an average retired woman in Europe receives a pension almost 40% lower than a man. This difference reflects...

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When it comes to defence, Europe needs to stand as one

Towards a European Defence Union Our citizens deserve the best protection possible. The EPP...

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Banking reform

The EU made the European banking system more resilient against economic shocks, changed the internal practices of banks to avoid risky business, and made sure...

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Generating more investment in the EU

By setting up new investment programmes initiated by the EPP Group, the European Union delivered. €375.5 billion...

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