Roma integral part of European historical and cultural heritage

27.04.2023 14:24

Roma integral part of European historical and cultural heritage

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European history was shaped by different nationalities, with diverse backgrounds. Roma are one of them. However, despite Roma being the biggest European ethnic minority and their centuries-old presence in Europe, they are still largely absent from European history as well as the history of countries they live in, said Peter Pollák , MEP on the occassion of the EU Roma week.

MEP Pollák hosted an event dedicated to the Decree issued by holy emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg 600 years ago. The Decree that gave privileges, protection and certain rights to Roma belongs to one of the most significant documents that shaped not only Roma but European history too. The Decree persuaded the same values as EU does today, the values that contributes to dignity of each and one of us.

It is high time to reveal and embrace Roma history and paint a better picture and understanding of them and their contribution to European history. It would also help the Roma to build their identity as Europeans, because that´s what they are. The European House of History open doors sets a great example also for Member States to follow, concluded Peter Pollák.
















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