Marshall Plan for Ukraine and its accession to the EU much needed

12.04.2022 12:42

Marshall Plan for Ukraine and its accession to the EU much needed

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Under the lead of fellow EPP MEP and founder of the United4Ukraine parliamentary group Andrius Kubilius, Ivan Štefanec, MEP and Head of the Slovak delegation to the EPP Group in the European Parliament (KDH), visited the sites of the massacres in Bucha and Irpin. Witnessing first-hand the evidence of Russian war crimes, Ivan Štefanec insisted that these acts must not go unpunished. He also recalled that it is not only the Russian leadership that has blood on its hands, but also the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko, therefore both must be tried for their crimes.

Ivan Štefanec also met in Kiev with the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk and with the chairwoman of the Committee on Ukraine's integration into the European Union, Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze. One of the outcomes of this meeting was the adoption of the joint Declaration for a European Ukraine on behalf of the United4Ukraine, setting out key priorities for the support to our invaded neighbour. These include not only essential military support and humanitarian assistance in response to the current situation, but also the need for Marshall Plan-style post-war reconstruction in Ukraine and Ukraine's integration into the EU.
"The memorandum between MEPs from eleven European Union countries and representatives of the Ukrainian Parliament opens up further possibilities for accelerating Ukraine's accession to the European Union, including the use of European money for Ukraine's post-war reconstruction. A safe and developed Ukraine means a safe and developed Slovakia."highlighted Ivan Štefanec.

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