Promoting the role of women in advancing the digital economy

05.09.2019 14:24

Promoting the role of women in advancing the digital economy

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Frances Fitzgerald MEP has highlighted the need to unlock the potential of women to contribute to the future of the digital economy. The Irish EPP Group MEP presented the draft opinion on the general budget of the European Union for the financial year 2020 to the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in the European Parliament this week, as rapporteur. 

“Women have a huge role to play in the digital economy and ICT sectors, and to date their potential remains somewhat untapped. By encouraging more women to enter the digital jobs market, the European economy has the potential to benefit from a 16 billion euro GDP boost. The EU budget can facilitate and boost women’s potential in this area and I will be promoting this important priority for budget 2020 and over the coming five year period", MEP Fitzgerald said.

The report also focuses on other key issues for gender equality in Europe, including violence against women, combating trafficking and promoting female entrepreneurship.

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