Zero results of German Government's combustion engine chaos

24.03.2023 11:54

Zero results of German Government's combustion engine chaos

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From the beginning, the EPP Group has opposed the planned ban on cars with combustion engines and criticises the German Government for "creating chaos" without results.

"So far, Volker Wissing has achieved nothing. Non-binding declarations are not a sensible solution. If Wissing really wants to save the combustion engine, we have to renegotiate the law again. The way to do this is clearly defined: Wissing needs a majority in the Council for his proposals and then there will be a second reading in the Parliament", said Jens Gieseke MEP, EPP Group lead Negotiator on the planned Regulation.

"What Minister Wissing is now proposing is just as non-binding as the recital from last year. In the end, there may be some special regulations for special vehicles outside the fleet limits. The German Government cannot be serious about this. It would be a real embarrassment for Volker Wissing. The Minister has been creating chaos for three weeks now and has not made an inch of progress. From the beginning, Wissing seems to have been concerned only with a show for the public. All this has little to do with serious politics", Gieseke stressed.

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