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The Week ahead

Take a look at what we have coming up over the next seven days. Explore our EPP Group agenda and the main issues we’ll be focusing on in the week ahead: from upcoming debates in the European Parliament on important legislative and policy issues to the meetings that our Members will be attending.


Brexit: EPP Group regrets that the UK is leaving

The European Parliament will vote on the conclusion of the Withdrawal Agreement on Wednesday. “The EPP Group regrets that the UK is leaving the EU, but respects the decision of the British people by giving its support to the Withdrawal Agreement between the Council and the UK,” declared MEP Danuta Hübner, Spokeswoman for the EPP Group in the Constitutional Affairs Committee. “An orderly Brexit is best for all parties and the decision of the European Parliament to vote in favour of the Withdrawal Agreement enables us to proceed with the phase of negotiations for a constructive future relationship,” the MEP concluded.


EPP Group grows after Brexit

The EPP Group will remain the largest political group in the European Parliament after Brexit. In the new composition of the 705 Member house, the EPP Group will grow from 182 to 187 Members. The EPP  Group will be joined by Members from Estonia; Riho Terras; Ireland, Deirdre Clune; Spain, Gabriel Mato Adrover; Italy Salvatore de Meo; and Slovakia Miriam Lexmann.


EPP Group stands behind common charger

For more than 10 years, Members of the European Parliament have been campaigning for a common charger for mobile radio equipment (such as mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers, smart cameras). The wait is over. Since the voluntary agreements between industry players did not bring satisfactory results, it is time for action from the European Commission. We need a standard for a common charger. This way, the EU could spare nearly 51,000 tons of electronic waste from old chargers every year. On an EPP Group initiative, the debate took place during the last plenary session in Strasbourg. Now in Brussels, on Thursday, Members will vote on a Resolution calling for Binding Rules on Common Chargers by July 2020. 


International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Members of the European Parliament will mark the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on Wednesday during the plenary session in Brussels. For the EPP Group, fighting against Antisemitism is more necessary than ever. This fight should moreover be carried out with the strongest determination. For EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber, all secondary school pupils should visit a concentration camp and learn about the horrors of the Holocaust. Through education and dialogue, let us ensure that we will never forget.


Press Conferences (27-31 January)

Monday @ 11.00 - Briefing on Parliamentary agenda