Ukraine’s future is in the EU and NATO

15.06.2023 12:48

Ukraine’s future is in the EU and NATO


The European Parliament today endorsed the EPP Group call for NATO allies to honour their commitment with regard to Ukraine’s membership of NATO. In a parliamentary Resolution adopted by an overwhelming majority, MEPs urge the upcoming Vilnius and Washington Summits to pave the way to extend an invitation to Ukraine to join NATO and that the accession process will start after the war is over and finalised as soon as possible.

“Fear led some NATO countries in Bucharest to not grant MAP to Ukraine. Now we have a chance to correct our mistakes. It is particularly important because the grey security zone of the size of Ukraine between Russia and the West would pose a permanent temptation. Moreover, Ukrainian battle-tested and Western-equipped armed forces would provide significant military added value in Europe. Ukraine’s accession to NATO will also unite us to guarantee sustainable peace on the European continent. Finally, Ukraine in NATO will prevent any future possible aggressive revenge and stop Russian neo-imperial expansionism”, Rasa Juknevičienė MEP, EPP Group Vice-Chair for Foreign Affairs, stressed.

“NATO membership after the war is the only option to safeguard Ukrainian independence in the long run and thereby also add to the security of the current NATO members. The upcoming Vilnius Summit will have to discuss the way forward from the 2008 Bucharest decision, by which NATO agreed that Ukraine would become a member”, insisted Michael Gahler MEP, lead negotiator of the Parliament's Resolution.

MEPs strongly underline the importance of Ukraine’s EU accession with hopes for a positive recommendation from the European Commission and a clear pathway for the start of negotiations. “It’s clear that Ukraine’s future is in the EU and NATO. We need to treat the reconstruction and EU accession processes as one overall project for maximum efficiency but also to ensure oversight so that Ukraine remains on track towards achieving its EU accession targets and making necessary reforms”, Gahler added.

Note to editors

The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 177 Members from all EU Member States

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