Taking-off towards decarbonisation of air transport

25.04.2023 23:33

Taking-off towards decarbonisation of air transport

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The EPP Group welcomes the agreement to boost the uptake of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs), which negotiators of the European Parliament, the EU Member States and the European Commission reached this evening.

"With today’s deal, Europe takes-off towards the decarbonisation of air transport. The EPP Group has supported measures to ramp up the market of sustainable aviation fuels in the most cost-effective manner, in line with the highest environmental standards in the world. The new rules will oblige aviation fuel suppliers to deliver the share of SAFs with flexibility. A broad definition of SAF will help European producers and aircraft operators to meet realistic targets. Now, we must do everything possible to invest in the development and deployment of SAFs made in Europe and make sure regional connectivity is not affected”, said Claudia Monteiro de Aguiar MEP, EPP Group negotiator on ReFuelEU Aviation.

According to the agreement reached today, the minimum share of SAFs available at EU airports is set for 2% from 2025, 6% from 2030 and 20% from 2035, with sub-targets for e-fuels. Moreover, the new rules define sustainable aviation fuel covering synthetic aviation fuels, recycled carbon aviation fuels and most of biofuels, but with an exception for feed and food crop-based fuels.

“SAFs constitute the most promising way of aviation decarbonisation. We have to incentivise the production of SAFs, but we also must assess how the new ambitious targets will affect the affordability of air transport. At the same time, we call on the European Commission to monitor how the new rules will affect the functioning and competitiveness of the European sector vis-à-vis their competitors from third countries, to avoid carbon leakage”, said Marian-Jean Marinescu MEP, EPP Group Spokesman in the Transport and Tourism Committee.

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