Punish environmental crime with 10 percent of global turnover

21.03.2023 11:09

Punish environmental crime with 10 percent of global turnover


The EPP Group wants to prevent environmental damage by fighting environmental crime with strong measures. “As the EPP Group, we successfully negotiated a zero tolerance position on crimes that have huge consequences for human health and the environment”, said Antonius Manders MEP, the European Parliament’s negotiator of the Environmental Crime Directive. The Legal Affairs Committee adopted its position on the proposed law today. For the first time, penalties for natural and legal persons causing considerable harm to species and habitats, surface and ground water and soil should be harmonised.

“From the beginning, we have always pushed for the polluter-pays principle. The ones polluting should bear the full costs of their damage and restore the environment accordingly”, Manders explained. He added: “The EPP Group has no leniency for criminals. Hiding behind limitation periods will no longer be possible. Sanctions must have a deterrent and preventive effect.”

Therefore, the EPP Group proposes raising fines for legal persons to a minimum of 10 percent of their average worldwide turnover in the last three business years. “These strong measures must be accompanied by an effective enforcement. This is why we also propose training and judicial support for judges, prosecutors and police forces”, Manders stated.

After today’s vote in the Legal Affairs Committee, negotiations with Member States and the European Commission should begin.

Note to editors

The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 176 Members from all EU Member States

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