Strengthen EU budget to battle crises

Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) post-2020

“The EU budget should be a protective shield again - supporting Member States. This time in helping those hit hardest by rising energy costs, by inflation and economic uncertainty. We need an EU budget that supports families and SMEs, that is fit for the establishment of a geopolitical Union, built through common projects in strategic areas like energy, security, health and defence. If it is under-resourced it cannot provide adequate investment to counter instability, for mitigating and solving crises", EPP Group MEPs José Manuel Fernandes and Janusz Lewandowski have warned.

“While the Council cut next year’s EU budget by €1.6 billion, the European Parliament is determined to restore those vital funds in order to protect people and businesses from the worst impact of the current crises. In fact, the Parliament will seek to increase the EU Budget 2023 by €1.7 billion, in comparison to the original proposal by the Commission. When, if not now, in times of war, pandemic, energy crises and the other unforeseen challenges?”, MEP Lewandowski said after today’s plenary vote on the draft EU budget for 2023.

“We are facing multiple unforeseen crises right now, therefore we need many solutions. The EPP Group secured funding boosts for important areas including energy security as well as a top-up for EU4Health in the Parliament's position. We are strongly of the view that the EU’s research and innovation programme Horizon must be adequately resourced. Food security is a priority with more support for young farmers. A more robust allocation to bolster European defence is essential and increased support for the European Solidarity Corps. Additional help for small to medium-sized businesses is included and a stronger Erasmus+ for youth, for example”, Lewandowski added.

Squeezed margins, new initiatives put forward by the European Commission and a lack of flexibility sharply highlight the inadequacy of the Union’s long-term budget, the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). It is no longer fit for purpose and urgently needs to be revised according to Fernandes, EPP Group Spokesman on Budgets: “The MFF was not negotiated and built for times of crisis like we are living in today. All Member States benefit from a strong, resilient EU budget and the collective power it wields. It is in their interests to support a robust revision of the MFF early next year.”

“The Commission is also urged to present proposals for a second basket of new own resources by the end of 2023 as agreed. New own resources are absolutely crucial for the EU to repay debt incurred on the massive €806.9 billion COVID-19 Recovery Fund without unfairly burdening the next generation”, Fernandes underlined.

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