Energy Security - key priority for the EU

Today, the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee approved a proposal for a European Energy Security Strategy, outlining the framework for improved energy security, shaped by EPP Group MEP Algirdas Saudargas.

“It is highly important to have a clear European energy policy and the aim of this Report was to identify the main areas for European action in order to ensure the security of our energy. We have to provide stability and predictability for private investors and pave the way for future major energy projects and energy transition”, said Saudargas.

The Report focuses on long-term strategic objectives and includes concrete actions to moderate energy demand, increase indigenous energy production, develop energy technologies, and ensure further action to build a fully integrated and well-functioning internal energy market as well as solidarity and coordination mechanisms.

The Report is structured to cover the important aspects of the European Energy Union as regards energy security with a clear distinction of its internal and external dimensions.

“Energy security is one of the main pillars of the European Energy Union. Energy vulnerability, as shown through the ‘stress tests’, points out the importance of coordination among Member States”, emphasised Saudargas, adding that energy security is not just an issue of common diplomacy with neighbouring countries.

Saudargas also highlighted the need to increase and support indigenous energy production and develop energy technologies: We should support our technological capacities, our research and science. We are importers of source materials, but we should keep the lead in technology.”

As regards the external dimension, Saudargas stressed the importance of diversification: “We should not only talk about the routes; we need these routes to direct to reliable sources and suppliers.”

“Third countries and third country companies must respect all the requirements of European Union legislation - these principles should be very firm and not questionable. For example, recent events have shown that, as regards gas supply, we should pay much more attention to infrastructure with Norway, the Southern Gas Corridor and the Mediterranean gas hub.”

Finally, he stressed the importance of speaking with one voice for the EU: “As well as speaking with one voice, we need a very clear and real mechanism and a good agreement on how to provide it.”

The final vote in plenary is scheduled for the June plenary session in Strasbourg.

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