Additional 500 million Euros for recovery after COVID


The negotiations on the 2022 Budget closed the deal shortly before midnight on Monday night. The Member States and the European Parliament delegations took their decision unanimously for a 2022 EU Budget of €169.5 billion.

“The budget negotiations took place in difficult circumstances, during the fight against the pandemic and its consequences, and we can be satisfied with the result. The Parliament managed to reinforce the next European budget with almost €500 million. The reinforcements will boost Europe's recovery and pave the way for a more resilient Union, with focus on support for small and medium-sized enterprises, enhancing student mobility, building a stronger Health Union as well as further investment in digital and green transitions. Special focus was put on the external dimensions with additional support for humanitarian aid and support for vaccination efforts worldwide”, said Karlo Ressler MEP, the European Parliament’s negotiator of the 2022 EU Budget, as the European Parliament reached an agreement last night.

“The reinforcements are dedicated to key areas of the challenges our Union faces today: the fight against the pandemic and vaccination worldwide, the strengthening of an EU Health Union and the support of small and medium-sized enterprises. The EPP Group fought for a budget focused on the future, with stronger investments in research, namely through the Horizon Europe Programme, in the digital and green transition, and in education, through Erasmus+”, stated José Manuel Fernandes MEP, who is the EPP Group's Spokesman in the Budgets Committee.

“This budget is a clear message for all Europeans that Europe is committed to a strong recovery, for all sectors, all regions and all generations”, Ressler explained.

“It is an opportunity for a recovery which does not forget cohesion, whether it be social, territorial or economic. It is an opportunity for a more resilient Union, capable of not only bouncing back, but actually moving forward”, Fernandes concluded.

The final approval of the 2022 EU Budget will take place on 24 November, with the vote on the joint text in plenary.

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The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 178 Members from all EU Member States

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