Grant EU membership to Ukraine before end of this decade

08.11.2023 12:39

Grant EU membership to Ukraine before end of this decade

A journalist interviewing a Ukrainian protestor

It is with great satisfaction that the EPP Group welcomes the European Commission’s recommendation to start EU accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova.

“Without a doubt, Ukraine deserves this. It is not only fighting for itself but also for the safety and security of the whole of Europe. Together, we are much stronger. We will continue to do our utmost to help Ukraine fulfil the requirements as soon as possible”, stresses Rasa Juknevičienė MEP, Vice-Chair of the EPP Group in charge of Foreign Affairs.

The EPP Group has always encouraged and supported Ukraine’s right to choose its European path and alliances freely. It has spearheaded the work towards the conclusion and implementation of the Association Agreement. It also initiated the calls to grant EU candidate status to Ukraine and to start accession negotiations as soon as possible this year.

The EPP Group calls for granting EU membership to Ukraine before the end of this decade, provided that Kyiv implements all necessary reforms. The Group also strongly supports Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

For Moldova, Siegfried Mureşan MEP said that starting accession negotiations was a “straightforward and welcome decision”. Mureşan, Vice-Chair of the EPP Group and Chair of the EP Delegation for relations with Moldova, stressed that the first EU-Moldova Intergovernmental Negotiation Conference, where the parties will conduct the talks, must follow this decision as soon as possible.

“Our safety and stability within the European Union depends on how safe, stable, and better EU-integrated our neighbours are. Hence, the European integration of the Republic of Moldova makes us all stronger and safer.  It is important that the negotiations start early next year, before the European elections. It will help to set our first priorities, which in turn can be negotiated at a technical level in the second part of the year,” Mureşan insisted.




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