Give farming a chance in the green transition


Give farming a chance in the green transition

Farmers across Europe are in a tight spot, hit by rising production costs and tougher environmental regulations every year. 

MEPs Marlene Mortler, Herbert Dorfmann, Anne Sander, Norbert Lins and Colm Markey are the voices of their constituencies in this video. They explain what puts farmers' livelihoods at risk, undermining our food security and the well-being of our rural communities. 

While Commissioner Timmermans puts forward a badly-drafted law proposal that diminishes arable land area, we propose measures to protect our food self-sufficiency and farmers' future. 

How so? 

By strengthening the position of primary producers in the food chain, supporting young and female farmers or encouraging investments instead of creating needless regulatory burdens. 

With war back on European soil, we cannot do business as usual. We must prioritise #FoodSecurity and ensure our farmers can produce and supply high-value agricultural products.

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