27.06.2018 16:00
27.06.2018 17:30

Seminar on Interreligious Dialogue in International Relations

ASP 5H1, European Parliament, Brussels

EPP Group Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue

The EPP Group hosted a seminar on 'The role of intercultural dialogue in EU international relations' on Wednesday 27 June 2018 in Brussels. Constructive dialogue between different socio-religious communities plays a crucial role today, not only from a cultural and spiritual point of view, but also in social, political and international relations, taking on particular importance in processes of integration and pacification. Professors Natalino Valentini and Massimiliano Zarri discussed these issues with EPP Group Members and the Maronite Archibishop of Alep, Mons. Joseph Tobji, and other high-ranking European representatives from religious organisations. The seminar was hosted by György Holvényi MEP and Jan Olbrycht MEP, co-chairs of the EPP Group Working Group on Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue.