25.04.2022 15:00
26.04.2022 12:00

EPP Group Industry Days

European Parliament

Industry Days

How do we address the challenges facing Europe’s industry as it prepares for the green and digital transition in the years ahead - a transition which became even more demanding during the Coronavirus pandemic and, at this very moment, by Russia’s war in Ukraine?

Join us for LIVE debates on Monday 25 April at 15:00 CET and on Tuesday 26 April at 10.00 CET. You will hear from industry representatives across all industrial Ecosystems in Europe. They will give their concrete suggestions on how to deal with the upcoming challenges:

  • How do we get enough energy and enough green energy for the needs of both people and companies?
  • How can we increase our autonomy so we are not critically dependent on third countries for critical supplies of raw materials and other vital components?
  • How has the pandemic shaped industries - like tourism and the cultural sector - that were hit hard by the crisis?
  • How do we make industries, which are vital for our daily lives, competitive, resilient and sustainable?