Europe steps up on Artificial Intelligence

07.12.2018 13:06

Europe steps up on Artificial Intelligence

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"Advances in future digital technologies such as connected cars and digital health are highly dependent on getting the underlying technology right. Therefore it is very welcome that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a major area of interest in the next seven-year budget 2021-2027 for the European Union”, said Michał Boni MEP in the European Parliament’s Industry Committee after today’s presentation by the European Commission of a coordinated plan on AI.

“AI is one of the strategic technologies for the 21st century both globally and in Europe bringing positive change to the European economy and improving the quality of people’s lives”, Boni continued.

He added: “The data processing models and usage of algorithms and AI can, in some cases, bring us much more personalised services and products and we have to see too that the framework we put in place fully respects the principles of data protection, privacy and security.”

He also underlined that AI must be developed with respect for digital ethics, transparency and it needs to be explainable.

He also calls on the Commission to work towards developing a strong EU leadership which can prevent the duplication/fragmentation of efforts and ensure national level policies and the exchange of best practices for the wider usage of AI as well as the need for a human centric approach to AI. It will require cooperation and compatible policies across the globe.

According to the plan published today, the Commission estimates that the combined public and private investment in AI in the European Union should amount to €20 billion by the end of 2020 to establish a solid basis and more than €20 billion per year from public and private investments over the following decade.

"AI and robotics boost innovation, lead to new business models and play a key role in transforming our society and digitalising our economy in many sectors, such as industry, healthcare, construction and transport. Today it is our role to embrace this innovation and ensure a coordinated approach at EU level for the benefit of all Europeans”, highlighted Antanas Guoga MEP, EPP Group Spokesman for AI in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee.

“Europe has to enhance capabilities of public research institutes on AI in Europe. At the moment, most of the developments in AI happen in the private sector because of much bigger financial capacities and expertise. Also, we have to provide European start-ups and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises with guidelines which would help boost the scalability of European projects”, Guoga concluded.

Note to editors

The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 219 Members from 28 Member States

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