EU and US can only win by working together

14.06.2021 15:27

EU and US can only win by working together

Joe Biden [nid:112726]

The EPP Group expects that the meeting between the President of the United States Joe Biden and the leadership of the European Union will bring new impetus to EU-US relations and will forge an alliance for the defence of democracy.

“We can only win by working together. Jointly, we must strengthen our democracies including through sensible regulation of social media, to complete the deal to eliminate tax havens and to develop a common position on China on security standards, investments and regulation”, said Radosław Sikorski MEP, Chairman of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with the US.

Sikorski stressed that Tuesday's summit must also be an opportunity to reaffirm Europe's readiness to share the burden of global leadership with the US.

"We are very happy to have now, in the White House, an honourable man and reliable ally who does not call us a foe, who doesn't claim that he trusts President Putin more than he trusts the FBI and who doesn't risk dissolving NATO with an overnight Tweet. It is a relief but it doesn't relieve the EU from its obligation to be strategically autonomous and to strengthen its defence. It is in the US’ interest to support it, but it is time for the EU to show that it's ready to use it and that it is capable of sharing the burden of global leadership", he said.

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