EPP wins majority on border infrastructure

19.04.2023 12:13

EPP wins majority on border infrastructure


With a new immigration crisis around the corner, the Social Democrats refuse to face the reality about the migration challenge in Europe today.

“Arrivals in Italy have tripled compared to last year, the EU is failing its returns policy and reception facilities are at full capacity throughout Europe. Despite this urgency, the Socialists in this House refuse to see what their Prime Ministers have already understood, namely that we are running blind into a new migration crisis”, said Jeroen Lenaers MEP, EPP Group Spokesman on Home Affairs, after the plenary vote on the financing of border infrastructure in the EU budget.

By refusing the possibility to finance border infrastructure where this is needed to regain control of our border and stop illegal crossings, the left has de-facto nationalised Europe’s migration policy.

“The good news is that a majority of the European Parliament supported the EPP amendment on border infrastructure. This is a big step forward after the European Council already moved on the issue. There is no migration policy without border protection and controls. It is as simple as that. If we want to show solidarity, then we must restore the order at our borders, if needed by building fences where they are needed”, Lenaers concluded.

Note to editors

The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 176 Members from all EU Member States

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