EPP Group protecting both farmers and the environment

20.10.2020 10:22

EPP Group protecting both farmers and the environment


The EPP Group wants to keep European farms strong and sustainable to guarantee high quality food for all Europeans at an affordable price. The European Parliament will debate today and vote in the coming days on the planned reform of the EU’s agricultural policy.

"We want a Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that is good for farmers, consumers and for nature. We believe that without such a balance, we cannot secure European food production and farming", said Peter Jahr MEP and Anne Sander MEP, who negotiated the reform on behalf of the EPP Group.

“We have reached a fair compromise with which we can protect millions of family-run farms all over Europe, keep rural communities alive and secure jobs in the agri-food sector”, said Jahr, who is also Parliament's Rapporteur for the so-called strategic plans of the agricultural policy.

“On ecological issues, this compromise is even more ambitious than the European Commission’s initial plans. It has a good balance between societal demands and a high level of ambition for the climate and the environment as well. It will enable farming and life in rural communities, and will not desert them to become conservation areas”, Jahr underlined.

“With this deal, we are making sure that European quality food reaches every table. The alternative - imposing even more green conditions - would lead to the closing down of many farms and more food imports from outside Europe”, explained Jahr.

”The new CAP provides better tools to keep agricultural markets fair for everybody, help farmers cope with the crisis and support the development of EU agriculture. It also provides tools to promote agricultural products under quality labels”, said Sander, who is the EPP Group's Shadow Rapporteur for the two laws which govern the financing and management of CAP and regulate the agricultural markets in Europe.

“We want less bureaucracy for farmers. In the past, CAP rules have grown far too complex. Now we want simplification. The new CAP will also ensure equal treatment among farmers”, concluded Sander.

Note to editors

The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 187 Members from all EU Member States

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