EPP Group promotes the role of youth in European agriculture

18.10.2018 15:45

EPP Group promotes the role of youth in European agriculture

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The EPP Group organised its fifth Congress of Young Farmers today to boost the role of young people in this crucial sector for Europe and to promote rural development.

Today’s event is an initiative of MEPs Esther Herranz García and Nuno Melo in cooperation with two agricultural organisations: ASAJA (Spain) and CAP (Portugal).

Participants from several EU countries and MEPs from the EPP Group exchanged views on concrete measures to improve European policies in the agricultural sector.

The Congress also included a competition between the projects presented by the participants.

Young farmer Manuel Maria Felner da Costa Grave (Portugal) was awarded with the prize for best project in the agricultural sector. He has recovered unirrigated land of 70 hectares and transformed it into a plantation with a high density of almonds with mechanised processes and a sustainable use of resources.

Laurens Tack (Belgium) received the prize for the most sustainable project for the project entitled ‘Groene Kring’, a company dedicated to the cultivation of fruit that applies technology that allows the automation of work processes.

Stefan Rottensteiner (Italy) was awarded with the prize for the most innovative project for ‘Wagyu Südtirol’, dedicated to producing the best beef of the Wagyu variety in the most sustainable and efficient way.

“This congress plays an important role by gathering young farmers at the political heart of Europe, promoting competition of projects and experiences that stand out through their excellence”, Nuno Melo said.

“Young people play a vital role for European rural areas. The population of these areas is ageing in many European countries so it is important to develop policies that allow generational change. With this congress, the EPP Group shows its commitment for the 5th year running to this purpose and stands by the young people giving visibility to innovative and sustainable initiatives developed by them throughout Europe”, Esther Herranz García concluded.

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