2022 EU Budget priorities: jobs, digital and health

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"The next annual EU budget is crucial for the recovery of the economic and social damage caused by the pandemic. How we invest every single Euro matters, since it will have a direct impact on health workers, entrepreneurs, the youth and citizens across Europe. For this reason, we wanted to put special focus on investments in employment, the digitalisation of our economy, and better management of our health systems”, said Karlo Ressler MEP, the European Parliament’s negotiator of the 2022 EU Budget.

Parliament debates today and votes tomorrow on its priorities for next year’s budget. After this, the European Commission must place these priorities at the heart of its draft 2022 EU Budget, expected to be presented by late spring.

"A secure and prosperous environment is a precondition for any reliable planning and future investments. This is why it is important to continue supporting policies and agencies that contribute to a safer and more predictable landscape across Europe", Ressler explained.

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