Refugees Continue To Land On Lampedusa Island

The boat tragedy in the Mediterranean over the weekend has shown us yet again just how crucial it is for Europe to take a concrete stand on migration and move on from...

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We cannot remain silent in the face of recurring tragedies in the Mediterranean. We want a European solution to what we consider a European problem, involving all the...

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Refugees Continue To Land On Lampedusa Island

Without any doubt, migration is one of the most crucial European problems, that challenges not only countries of the European South but the European Union as an entity....

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War and Peace 1945 - 2015
Wed, 06/05/2015 - 09:00

War and Peace 1945 - 2015

Register here In 2015, we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The defeat of...
Wed, 22/04/2015 - 15:00

Hearing on the protection of traditional minorities

 Small Businesses and Industry
Wed, 22/04/2015 - 15:00

Family businesses in Europe

Highlights of the week

From 23.04.2015 to 23.04.2015
Time July 28, 2014 pag.24,25 Mare Nostrum operation, Navy Fremm Bergamini, for the first time in this kind of operation, rescue shipwrecked 2014-06-07 © Massimo Sestini

Time for action on migration

The latest boat tragedies in the Mediterranean have  shown us yet again just how crucial it is for Europe to take a concrete stand on migration...

European security strategy

The European Commission will adopt on Tuesday afternoon the new "European Agenda on Security", that the Home Affairs Commissioner Dimitris...
Young students

€1 billion available for Youth Employment Initiative in 2015

More than 7 million young European people between the ages of 15 and 24 are unemployed.  A legislative proposal by EPP Group MEP Elisabeth Morin...

Press releases

Number of an ambulance
27.04.2015 - 17:38

EPP Group supports eCall in vehicles from 2018

In the event of a car accident, the eCall system establishes communication with the European Emergency Services (112) providing a minimum set of information about the accident, vehicle and passenger(...
Refugees Continue To Land On Lampedusa Island
23.04.2015 - 16:10

Asylum Seekers: EPP Group calls for a binding quota

At its meeting in Milan today, the EPP Group Bureau has decided to call for the introduction of a binding solidarity mechanism for asylum seekers. "No more words, but concrete responses are...
Patriarch Philaret
22.04.2015 - 18:39

Ukraine's European aspirations must be supported

"Ukraine's European aspirations must and should be supported" - Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, following a visit by the Head of Ukraine's Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate, his Holiness...
22.04.2015 - 18:12

EPP Group for European minority protection standards

EPP Group Members committed to the protection of traditional minorities in the EU organised a public hearing today with high-level experts and politicians from all around Europe. They all agreed that...

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Plenary Reports

The main events of the March plenary session in Strasbourg were the debates on the forthcoming European Council on 19-20 March and on the European...
EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber MEP led the debate in plenary on the preparation of the European Council Summit of 19-20 March 2015. “The EPP...
Parliament voted on Wednesday to back the European Commission's approach to stimulating growth and job creation, following a debate on the 'European...