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Free and fair trade that makes sense for Europe

The EPP Group’s MEPs have fought against the tide of protectionism to back EU trade agreements with...

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1 hour rule to remove online terror content

European authorities could force websites to remove online terrorist content within the hour under a proposed law...

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EU-China trade: EPP Group urges China to change its practices

An EU-China summit is set to take place on 9 April. Trade policy will be one of the big...

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Making Europe’s defence stronger, more cost-effective

In an unstable world, Europe is defending its citizens by building stronger military...

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Brexit, Fairness for Farmers, EU-Turkey, EU-Russia

At its latest plenary session, the European Parliament debated the next steps in the Brexit showdown....

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Watching out for cybersecurity amid 5G build-up

As countries prepare to roll out 5G mobile Internet, the European Union needs to be watchful of...

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