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Future of Europe, EU Budget, Energy, Telecom Reform

The European Parliament’s latest plenary session included a debate on the future of Europe with...

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EPP Group highlights the EU’s long-term need for young farmers

The EPP Group held its fifth European Congress of Young Farmers in the European...

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Boosting economic and social cohesion in the EU

The European Union aims to reduce economic and social disparities between different regions across the EU...

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Environment Committee backs stronger EU disaster relief

The European Parliament’s Environment Committee has approved draft legislation to step up...

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Update the CAP to keep farming strong

Europe’s farmers need more support and streamlined bureaucracy to stay competitive by reforming the EU’s Common...

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Post-Brexit CAP: defending farmers and consumers

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy should maintain the same budget after Brexit, says the EPP...

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Helping the developing world’s digital revolution

The EU, together with the private sector, should help the developing world shift to a digital economy,...

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