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EPP Group, strongest in Parliament, picks leaders for new term

In its first meeting since the European elections, the EPP Group unanimously re...

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MPs and MEPs close ranks, look to elections

EPP Group MEPs and national MPs discussed the future of Europe and their efforts ahead of the upcoming European...

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Common EU defence, economy, Erasmus

The 26th European summit between EPP Group MEPs and MPs lent its support to the PESCO common defence initiative. They also...

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EPP MPs and MEPs tackle globalisation

The EU needs to step up efforts to adapt to globalisation to address voter concerns and create sustainable employment, say...

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Populism and Brexit, a sign of the times

Meeting of the Network of National Parliamentarians in charge of European Affairs and Members of the EPP Group in the...

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Searching for peace in the Middle East

Christian minority groups are being heavily persecuted by terrorist groups such as ISIS across the Middle East. In...

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