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Boosting funding for Erasmus+ and free Interrail for youth

The EPP Group has been a major force behind expanding the Erasmus+ program to include more...

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Work-life balance: get men sharing in the caring

Closing the gender gap in pay and treatment as employees is an important priority for the EPP Group in...

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Securing borders to preserve freedom of movement

Defending the Schengen Zone of open internal EU borders, the EPP Group has worked hard to ensure the safety...

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EU Investment and Europass empowering job creation

The EPP Group has been a major force behind the billions in the European Union’s financial backing...

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1 hour rule to remove online terror content

European authorities could force websites to remove online terrorist content within the hour under a proposed law...

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Slashing telecom roaming charges, protecting your data

The European Parliament, with EPP Group leadership, has worked hard to cut mobile, text and data...

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Improving work-life balance across the EU

A new law that will help people improve their work-life balance across the European Union is on track to be approved...

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